Proact delivers redundant data centre to the energy company Elenia

Proact delivers an updated data centre to Elenia, the leading energy company in the field of smart electricity networks, operating in several parts of Finland.

Proact is in charge of implementing a redundant data centre featuring NetApp Clustered Ontap technology to Elenia. The implementation of a new data centre is the result of Elenia’s requirement for more storage capacity and the need to centralise virtual IT services on two system entities. Updating Elenia’s infrastructure facilitates cost-efficient and easy management of the services. Proact premium support is also a part of the delivery.

"We were looking for updating and expanding our storage system and to make it more competitive. We needed help in the preparation of the storage system project update plan and particularly the migration plan.

Our interactions with Proact revolve around constant collaborative development in order to find the best solution for each issue,” comments Elenia’s System Analyst, Matti Lääkäri.

According to Lääkäri, Proact is easy to work with. Proact was responsible for delivering Elenia's previous storage environment as well.
”The client possesses extensive technical expertise, and often relies on us to confirm their conclusions on technical matters," says Proact's Sales Manager, Jani Lehtinen.

About Elenia

Elenia Oy is an electricity distribution and heating company serving 415,000 private, commercial and municipal clients in over one hundred municipalities in Tavastia Proper, Päijänne Tavastia, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, as well as Southern and Northern Ostrobothnia. We are responsible for ensuring the performance of and upgrading the electricity network, and building the grid and connections together with our affiliates. We measure the consumption of our clients and provide the energy data to electricity vendors. We are developing a smart electricity network with the help of innovative technology. Our objective is to advance the electricity market operations in Finland. Elenia Lämpö Oy offers environmentally friendly, easy-to-use and competitive heating solutions. We generate district heating and electric power, and we distribute and sell district heating and natural gas. We ensure reliable heating supplies to customers by maintaining and renovating our networks and generating facilities. We continually enhance our operations by further increasing the proportion of Finnish fuels used in generating, and by improving energy efficiency. We operate in Tavastia, Central Finland, Northern Ostrobothnia and Heinola.

For further information, please contact:

Martin Ödman, CEO and President, Proact IT Group AB, tel 46 733 56 68 11,
Peter Javestad, Vice President / IR, Proact IT Group AB, tel 46 733 56 67 22,

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