Proact to modernise BTG’s data storage environment

BTG has selected Proact as its partner to help modernise the company’s data storage environment. With Proact’s storage solution, BTG will improve its performance, capacity and flexibility in the storage environment, placing it in a better position to meet the company’s existing and future storage requirements. This project began in December 2011 and was completed in early 2012. The solution has been implemented by Proact consultants, and ongoing support from Proact is also included in the contract.

BTG is a well-established international supplier of market-leading technology in the fields of process control and coating solutions for the paper and pulp industry. BTG needed to modernise its data storage environment so as to meet the company’s demands for secure storage more effectively. To meet BTG’s requirements, Proact presented and implemented a solution based on an EMC VNX platform.

“We needed to update to a more flexible platform that was able to offer better performance and accessibility in our storage environment. The solution which Proact devised and implemented allows us to cover all these things. It also provides more straightforward administration for our engineers,” says Markus Kjellman, Manager IT&Systems, BTG.

Proact’s solution also included FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering), allowing BTG to automatically prioritise response times for various systems depending on how important they are to operations. This means that BTG is able to use smaller, cheaper disks for inactive data and more high performance storage for the most important information.

“We have devised and supplied to BTG a futureproof storage solution which the company can develop and grow with. This solution gives them the opportunity to store more data over less disk space. With the Tiering structure which BTG has selected, the company can also be sure that the most vital information is readily accessible, with outstanding performance,” says Johan Calmblad, client manager at Proact.


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Johan Calmblad, client manager, Proact IT Sweden AB
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