Proact to Provide a Data Center Solution to Lapland Hospital District

​Proact, the largest storage solution expert in the Northern Europe, is to provide a data center solution to the Lapland Hospital District. The Lapland Hospital District made so far its largest one-off IT investment decision with the help of a demo tested in the joint solution centre of Proact and EMC.

“We tested in practice how the EMC disk system solution, which we did know before, functions. In a genuine test environment, we were able to eliminate all the possible uncertainties and found answers to any open questions,” says Heikki Ruokanen, ICT Expert of the Lapland Hospital District.

The Proact-EMC Solution Center is a joint demo centre of Proact and its partner EMC. It is an empirical technology laboratory concentrating in virtualisation, and it has the most extensive demo and testing environment of EMC products in Europe.

The Lapland Hospital District was supplied with a mid-size EMC Unisphere NS120 disk system. Now all the servers and virtual workstations in the hospital district use it.

“EMC Unisphere NS120 does not contain a single individual part that, in case of a failure, could stop its operation. The simple and well-tried system includes duplex power sources, batteries and disks. The system saves the data even if the stand-by power plant of a hospital does not start,” says Kimmo Nurmivuori, Sales Manager of Proact Finland.

For the Lapland Hospital District, the acquisition of a new disk system was the largest one-off ICT investment so far.

Further information:

Osmo Laita, Country Manager, Proact Finland Oy, puh. +358 40 774 0460,

Heikki Ruokanen, ICT Expert, Lapland Hospital District, tel. +358 400 718 166,

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