More information on splitting of the Proha Plc share (1:5)

MORE INFORMATION ON SPLITTING OF THE PROHA PLC SHARE (1:5) The change in the number of Proha Plc shares is estimated to be entered in the Trade Register on December 27, 2000 and the trading of the new number of shares is estimated to begin on December 28, 2000. In accordance with the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting, each Proha Plc share will be split to five shares. The present number of shares will increase from 10,433,535 shares to 52,167,675 shares. Taking into account the 106,490 shares of the Proha Plc personnel issue that have not been entered in the Trade Register yet, the number of shares will increase from 10,540,025 shares to 52,700,125 shares. The book parity of each share will decline from EUR 1.30 to EUR 0.26 as the number of shares increases. PROHA PLC Pekka Pere President and CEO More information PROHA PLC CEO Pekka Pere, tel. +358 20 4362 000 DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Stock Exchange Major Media ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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Proha is globally operating software group operating in Project Management (Artemis), Financial Management (Accountor), and ASP services (Intellisoft). Pro forma net sales were EUR 82.2 mio in 2000, number of personnel nearly 700.