Ericsson provides e-learning for 1 900 staff

ERICSSON PROVIDES E-LEARNING FOR 1 900 STAFF Ericsson Microwave Systems in Borås believes in making major investments in its staff. From the beginning of 2001, the company will be able to provide all of its almost 1 900 staff with a web-based training programme, specially created for companies, called corporate e-learning. This consists of a series of different in-house training programmes, tailored to the company, within the areas of manufacturing, administration and finance and has been specially developed by the software company Prohunt AB. The 90-minute day A well-known standard measurement within e-learning is that a full day course led by a trainer can now be replaced by 90 minutes, interactive web-based learning. Any company can see the implications of this in terms of time and money saved. In the case of Ericsson Microwaves, it is particularly important as production in the factory is shift-based and any dead time between shifts can now be profitably used by staff for their own, personally customised training programme. "Through the acquisition of this e-learning platform, we anticipate being able to save a great deal of time and costs on, for example, travel and lodging expenses in connection with training," says project manager Peder Karlsson. "We are now able to both plan and produce our own in-house training programmes with the help of the e-learning platform, which is an enormous advantage both in terms of competitiveness and security. Those participating in the training programmes are restricted by neither time nor place and can study where and when is most convenient for them." The e-learning platform, ProE-learn, is being supplied by software company Prohunt, whose owners include IT Provider and Ledstiernan. The delivery includes installation and licensing of the platform, consultancy services, training for module writers, three modules of production training in addition to a few standard modules for internal routines. By this means, Ericsson Microwave Systems has acquired not only an effective tool for coordination of training and production of necessary statistics but also the means to rapidly produce those training programmes requested by its staff. In addition to the above project, Prohunt has also received orders for the same e-learning platform from, among others, 17 of Sweden's leading universities and colleges. Prohunt is the Nordic region's leading supplier of holistic solutions for the development and management of organisations' intellectual capital. Our web-based program suite for Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) includes applications for competence and career development, resource management as well as corporate e-learning. Armed with Prohunt's web-based program suite, working methods and consultancy services, companies have a unique opportunity to attract, develop and appraise co-workers and their skills so that their business value can be fully realised. Prohunt now has a staff of 115 at five offices located around Sweden and Norway. In the spring of 2000, our business activities were both broadened and strengthened as a result of our merger with Comenius and New Start. The company is owned by its founders, co-workers, IT Provider and Ledstiernan and current business partners include leading companies such as AstraZeneca, Cell Network, Ericsson, FöreningsSparbanken, Hydro, IKEA, MeritaNordbanken, Statoil, Swedish Match and Telia. Enquiries to Annelie Karlsson, Prohunt AB Phone +46 70 633 18 46 or visit ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: