A Viessmann boiler for all, thanks to launch of new 050-W combi

  • More homes can now experience the quality and reliability of a Viessmann boiler
  • The most affordable Viessmann on the market
  • Compact size and smart design offers more flexibility for retrofits and reduces spare parts costs
  • 3 year warranty as standard

Viessmann is making reliable boilers, with high quality materials and parts, available to more UK customers with the launch of the Vitodens 050-W. The gas fired condensing combi boiler extends the Vitodens range  and targets the average UK home and budget.

The most affordable Viessmann available, the Vitodens 050-W’s highlights include its compact design and quiet operation. It is an ideal replacement for outdated boilers in flats, apartments and smaller homes.

The Vitodens 050-W has been engineered to offer homeowners lower spare part costs by ensuring that components can be replaced individually. It is an advantage over other boilers on the market which may require a complete circuit board replacement for a single component fault for example. Maintenance is straightforward and therefore cost efficient because the service-relevant components are easily accessible from the front.

As with the rest of the Vitodens range, weather compensation can be easily incorporated with the simple addition of an inexpensive outdoor sensor, as the circuit board already includes the software for weather compensation operation. In addition, the control unit is prepared ready for plug-in time clocks and wireless receivers.     

At the heart of the boiler is Viessmann’s unique Inox-Radial heat exchanger. Constructed from high quality stainless steel it is corrosion resistant and covered by a 10 year warranty, while the standard warranty on the boiler is three years.

“It has always been Viessmann’s intention to enhance its offering, by continuing to develop its product range. This is proven by the launch of the Vitodens 050-W. As a premium brand, our standards of product quality and performance are consistently implemented. With the Vitodens 050-W, we have a perfect product that suits the entry level market.” says Darren McMahon, Viessmann marketing director.


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