Zircotec coating lowers manifold surface temperature enabling rapid trackside repairs for Oxford Universities Motorsport Foundation

An exhaust manifold coating from thermal management specialists, Zircotec, helped the Oxford Universities Motorsport Foundation (OUMF) avoid injury while carrying out urgent repairs. 

OXFORD – A Zircotec coated manifold enabled the Oxford Universities Motorsport Foundation (OUMF) to carry out crucial last-minute repairs on a blown head gasket in their 1957 Riley 1.5, avoiding the need to withdraw from the Historic Racing Drivers Club race at Silverstone. As the Zircotec coating significantly lowered the manifold’s surface temperature, the team was able to rapidly remove the component and access the engine to carry out pressing repairs.    

“Much to the amazement of onlookers, the team was able to handle what many believed to be an extremely hot manifold requiring a long wait before it could be removed,” says Ding Boston, OUMF coordinator. “There is nothing better than a real life demo for proving the worth of something to sceptics - I think we won a fair few converts to the benefits of Zircotec coatings.”  

Zircotec coatings are widely used in classic cars, on both standard road cars and those competing in historic races, to reduce under bonnet temperatures and improve the reliability of heat sensitive components, as well as protecting paintwork from heat damage. 

“Zircotec ceramic coatings have been proven to improve the reliability and performance of classic cars,” says Peter Whyman, Zircotec’s sales director. “Yet OUMF have demonstrated how our coatings have the additional advantage on enabling swift and safe trackside repairs in situations where lost time could mean the difference between success or failure.”

Zircotec is a key sponsor of OUMF, whose students built and now develop a classic Riley 1.5 by competing in a variety of historic rallies and races. The company also supports teams in the Formula Student competition that challenges engineering students from a range of universities, to produce a prototype single-seat race car and present it to a hypothetical manufacturing firm.  

“We are always keen to sponsor and assist  student racing teams who wish to explore innovative and effective applications of our ceramic coatings and heatshields,” concludes Whyman. “As a producer of specialist thermal management technology, Zircotec is proud to support the automotive and engineering minds of the future.”    

About Zircotec  

Zircotec www.zircotec.com offers a wide range of plasma sprayed ceramic and metallic coatings that protect components against the effects of heat, wear, abrasion and corrosion. Lightweight and easily packaged, Zircotec’s technologies can be applied to a broad range of different materials including metals and composites. Proven in F1 and the nuclear industry, the technology is now trusted by car manufacturers, industrial users, car enthusiasts and an increasing range of other applications to effectively manage heat and wear, enhancing performance and reliability. ZircoFlex® offers for the first time, a truly flexible ceramic heat shield material.

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