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Hot Brands and ProQures red entrance mats in harmony. Lauritz, Efva Attling, Louis Vuitton, etc., invests in VIP service during their important events.

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Hot brands and ProQures red VIP mats in harmony.

Companies with famous brands are investing on VIP service when it comes to their events.

What has Lauritz, Efva Attling, J.Lindeberg, Louis Vuitton and Gucci got in common? High quality, strong brands... and they used ProQures VIP matting service. In addition, ProQure has provided numerous businesses in fashion, retail and pharmacy together with "rising rookies" during this fall with their needs for red VIP mats.

The influx of companies that are investing in a luxurious entrance hall during this fall has occured mainly because of a number of start-ups and the growing trend in event marketing. "The economy is improving. Businesses are investing. It is clearly shown in the investment companies make when a new store or office is opened." informs ProQures management.

Red VIP mats lifts your entrance hall and it is a must for companies to be catered with VIP service during important events.


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