Automated system maximises productivity – High technology in pulp industry creates massive savings

Optimizing system with the most up-to-date laser and camera technology takes global wood processing industry to the next level. For a single debarking line this can mean close to 1 million euros in yearly wood cost savings.

WoodSmart™ control system creates significant savings in energy and raw material costs. In addition to enhancing productivity and minimizing costs, this measurement system, which embodies Finnish technology know-how, accelerates and makes wood processing production easier.

Developed for automated control of pulp wood debarking, WoodSmart™ is innovative optimizing system, equipped with online measurement devices, in order to maximize the capacity of debarking plants.

WoodSmart™ technology can be widely used in global markets. It can be installed to new and existing wood processing lines as well as all debarking systems with specific automation levels. The system can operate wood from the boreal forests all the way to eucalyptus and acacia wood of the Far East.

Behind WoodSmart™ optimizing system’s development is Teknosavo Oy. With almost 30 years of experience in software and mechanics design in processing industry, the company leads the markets in optimization technology in Scandinavia.

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With the most modern laser and camera technology, the savings created by WoodSmart™ system are significant – as much as 1 million euros annually for a single debarking line.