Media Call: The Fallen Stencil making day, Wednesday 21 August 2013

What: A team of artists and volunteers will start creating 100 plastic (Correx) life-size templates of fallen soldiers for one of the largest sand art projects in the Europe, taking place in France in September 2013.
Where: Uriah Woodhead, Canal Road Bradford West Yorkshire BD1 4SD
When: Wednesday 21st August, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Interview opportunities: Andy Moss: Andy Moss is co-directing the The Fallen and came up with the original idea with Jamie Wardley.  Andy will be co-ordinating the stencil making day and will be joined by volunteersDusty Rhodes: Dusty’s father was part of the Lord Lavat regiment who landed on the beaches with the Piper Bill Millin.  He survived and then married a French woman who became his mother.  Dusty was so inspired by the Fallen idea that he is now taking an active part went to France with Andy Moss as part of a reconnaissance for the Fallen last week.   Dusty used to organize Bradford Festival and speaks fluent French and loves a good sing song.  Dusty will be available from 1400.Ann-Marie Jagger: MD of Uriah Woodhead.  The company is supporting the event by donating all the materials. Tracy Clavin: Manager at Uriah Woodead. Tracy has been at the forefront in supporting Sand In Your Eye in the past, both in the very early days and with the Darwin Project in 2010.  Children of employees at Uriah Woodhead: There will be at least two children aged 14 and 12 years old taking part in the stencil making. 
Photo/filming opportunities: Best visuals will be around 2.00pm onwards as there will be stencils finished and being made. You will see craft knives, people drawing around each other and then cutting the stencils out, hammering the stencils together.  Lots of happy faces when they see that they have made themselves.  Andy can also do a mock lesson again and unwrap some correx as though it is earlier in the day.
For further details, contact: Andy 280667 Jay Commins, Pyper 500698 / 07810 546567

Background information:

The Fallen is a project where two Yorkshire sand artists are going to make 9,000 sand drawings on the D-Day landing beaches in France on Peace Day, 21 September, to represent the souls who lost their lives there during World War II. 

Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss, from Bradford, have come up with the idea of The Fallen to mark Peace Day. They will create stencilled drawings in the sand of the 9,000 civilians, German forces and Allies who died at Arromanches on 6 June 1944.  The silhouettes of those individuals will be drawn on the beach at the rate at which they fell only to be totally erased by the incoming tide as their own lives were. 

For more information and to take part in The Fallen please visit: