Q8Oils extends drain intervals with latest heavy duty diesel oil

Leeds, UK – Wednesday, 06 November 2013 – Q8Oils has introduced Q8 T860 S, a 10W-40 heavy duty diesel oil (HDDO) that has been formulated to meet Scania’s LDF-III specification for trucks using the manufacturer’s diesel engines meeting the latest Euro V and VI emissions requirements.

Q8Oils claims that using its new Scania LDF-III approved engine oil will enable extended engine oil drain intervals to be used in Scania vehicles with Euro V engines (excluding Euro V - DC 16 21) without DPFs and Euro VI engines with. The company also claims that extended drain intervals can be 30% higher (up to 120,000 km) compared to its previous generation Q8 T860.

Although recommended for Scania’s 13 and 16 litre LDF-III engine oil specification Euro VI engines fitted with a DPF, Q8 T860 S can also be used for normally aspirated or turbocharged heavy-duty engines in commercial vehicles and off-highway equipment as the oil also meets ACEA E4 and E7; API CF; MAN 3277; MB 228.5; Renault RXD and RLD-2; and Volvo VDS-3 specifications.

Commenting for Q8Oils, automotive manager Andy Harris explains that the benefits of using Q8 T860 S for the end user don’t stop with increased drain intervals and the reduced maintenance costs associated with them. “From a cold start, our new HDDO provides excellent engine cleanliness and helps to limit engine wear by providing the correct lubrication to protect against bore polishing and cylinder and cam wear. It also helps to avoid the deposition of sludge from combustion soot, prohibits rust and corrosion and possesses good anti-foam characteristics.”

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From a cold start, our new HDDO provides excellent engine cleanliness and helps to limit engine wear
Andy Harris (Q8Oils)