About Us

About QED-UK QED-UK was founded in 1990 by Dr Mohammed Ali OBE. Its mission is to work towards a harmonious and cohesive society in which opportunity is not dependent on ethnic origin, race, religion or gender. QED-UK is committed to help realise this vision of a better society by becoming the UK's leading ethnic-minority-focused education, employment and training provider. They give priority to six key strategic objectives to enable QED-UK to succeed in this mission: -Campaign and influence policies and practices of public, private and the mainstream voluntary sectors. -Provide successful education and employability skills training and development for individuals. -Find sustainable employment for disadvantaged communities. Help employers to recruit, retain and develop a more diverse workforce. -Provide ethnic minority focused diversity consultancy service to public, private and the voluntary sectors. -Build the capacity of grass root community groups. - QED-UK’s core values are: equality of treatment and inclusivity; passion in all we do; delivering positive experiences; respect and empowerment. http://qed-uk.org