Qt Group Plc: Managers’ Transactions

Qt Group Plc Stock Exchange Release 12. August 2016 12.00 noon

Person subject to the notification requirement

Name:                                       Juha Varelius                                Legal Person
Position:                                    Chief Executive Officer


Initial Notification                    
Reference number:                   743700GO2XU2ZYYDKW67


Name:                                       Qt Group Oyj                      
LEI:                                            743700GO2XU2ZYYDKW67_20160811153431_2

Transaction details
Transaction date:                       2016-08-11
Venue:                                        XHEL
Nature of transaction:                Acquisition
Instrument:                                Share
ISIN:                                          FI4000198031

Volume:                                     10000
Unit price:                                  5,2000 Euro

Aggregated transactions

Volume:                                          10000
Volume weighted average price:    5,2000 Euro


Nasdaq Helsinki

Principal media

Qt Group Plc

Qt Group Plc is responsible for Qt development, productization and licensing under commercial and open source licenses. The Qt offering includes a development environment that enables the reuse of software code across numerous different operating systems, platforms and screen types, ranging from desktops and embedded systems to wearables and mobile devices. Qt is used by approximately 1 million developers worldwide and is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications. Qt is the platform of choice for in-vehicle systems, industrial automation devices and other business critical applications manufacturers, and is used by leading global players in 70+ industries. The Qt Company operates in China, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia and USA with about 200 employees worldwide. The Qt Group is headquartered in Espoo, Finland and is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange. The company’s net sales in year 2015 was 27 MEUR.

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