Quantum to commemorate 35th anniversary with NYSE bell ringing

Long-time storage leader now at forefront of new era where sharing, analysing and monetising data throughout its lifecycle is critical to business success

SAN JOSE, Calif.2 June 2015 — Quantum Corp. (NYSE: QTM) today announced that president and ceo Jon Gacek and the Quantum executive team will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company’s founding and its long-time leadership in data storage by ringing the Closing Bell® at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday 2 June 2015. Quantum is also marking this significant milestone by highlighting the company’s central role in helping customers navigate a major shift in how data can be leveraged to drive business and mission value. This is evident in the results from Quantum’s recently completed fiscal year, in which the company delivered its best year-over-year total revenue performance in eight years, driven largely by 74 percent annual growth in scale-out storage sales.

[To view Quantum ringing the NYSE Closing Bell®: https://livestream.com/NYSE]

Strategic value of data

Tools for analysing data more easily and affordably as well as new opportunities for monetising it have transformed the way organisations view their data. Data is now a highly strategic asset, and the ability to extract more and more value from it — both now and in the future — has become critical to achieving business and mission objectives.

“Organisations are more focused than ever before on gaining insights and value from their data — from broadcasters re-monetising their content on mobile platforms to researchers developing new drugs based on high-powered genomic sequencing to consumer goods companies repurposing video content in social media channels,” said Gacek.

New storage imperatives

With data having become so strategically valuable, organisations are recognising that the underlying storage infrastructure is a vital determinant of their ability to leverage its full value and drive success. As data moves beyond immediate, real-time processing, it must be retained and managed in a dynamic storage platform rather than a passive repository. In addition, this platform must:

  • scale seamlessly to accommodate continued data growth;
  • ensure data can be quickly and easily accessed whenever and wherever needed;
  • provide flexibility to incorporate new technologies and ecosystem changes; and
  • be highly cost-effective.

Quantum storage for demanding workflows

Throughout its history, Quantum has focused on the long-term preservation, protection and management of data, and today the company’s solutions play an essential role in enabling customers to maximise the value of their data over its entire lifecycle. This includes providing users and applications with the performance they need when they need it most and storing data in the most cost-effective way possible based on a tiered management approach encompassing disk, tape, object storage and the cloud.

Much of Quantum’s solutions portfolio is based on its StorNext®scale-out storage technology. StorNext was originally designed for rigorous streaming applications such as satellite imagery analysis, where the scale of the data challenge and the strategic nature of the business applications proved too demanding for other storage providers. StorNext then became the go-to storage platform in media and entertainment (M&E), enabling users to process, access and manage digital assets in a high-performance, shared storage pool spanning multiple tiers.

Over the past year, Quantum has capitalised on the power of its latest generation StorNext 5 technology in addressing the most demanding workflow needs — expanding its M&E leadership and extending its unique combination of high performance-low cost solutions to other markets and use cases such as:

  • video surveillance, where municipalities are using data for both crime prevention and improving operational efficiency (e.g., logistics management at ports);
  • network forensics, enabling more data to be retained for analysis in the event of a cybersecurity breach; and
  • corporate video, where companies are looking for ways to store, manage and monetise their rapidly growing content.

“For 35 years we’ve focused on providing customers with best-of-breed technologies and solutions to meet their most challenging data storage needs,” said Gacek. “That commitment continues today and has never been more important given the strategic value of data. As we look forward, we will go even further in delivering end-to-end solutions that not only provide high performance-low cost storage but also dynamically serve data to applications and users in a way that is optimised for their specific business or mission requirements.”

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Photo caption: Quantum to Commemorate 35th Anniversary with NYSE Bell Ringing

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