CFO Kent Söderström stepping down from Rabbalshede Kraft AB

CFO Kent Söderström will step down from Rabbalshede Kraft in the summer of 2012. Kent Söderström assumed the position as CFO in June 2009 to build up the Company’s accounting and corporate finance functions, electricity trading procedures and external information dissemination. He also headed the efforts to prepare Rabbalshede Kraft to meet the requirements for a listing on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange. 

“For three years, Kent Söderström has successfully built up the accounting, finance and information functions to correspond to the highly stringent standards required for a stock-exchange listing. Today, Rabbalshede Kraft has a strong project portfolio and a qualified organization. While this is a solid foundation for a continued expansion, we are unable to determine when a listing could be implemented due to the uncertain market climate,” says Thomas Linnard, President of Rabbalshede Kraft.

For further information, please contact:
Thomas Linnard, President of Rabbalshede Kraft
Tel. +46 (0) 706-100 120 , E-mail:

About Rabbalshede Kraft AB
Rabbalshede Kraft AB (publ) is a fast-growing player in wind power with four wind farms in operation, one farm under construction and about 350 wind turbines in the procurement, application or planning phase. The aim is to place 250 turbines in operation by 2015, corresponding to production capacity of about 1.5 TWh per year. To guarantee the long-term capital requirements that the planned build-out requires, the Company is preparing an application for listing on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange. Follow the Company’s progress at

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Rabbalshede Kraft AB (publ) plans and establishes proprietary land-based wind farms, in collaboration with other players or for divestment whereby the Company is able to offer operating services. Rabbalshede Kraft was formed in 2005 and currently manages 141 wind turbines of which 71 turbines, in the eight wind farms, are in-house. The electricity produced from the Company’s wind farms in operation is sold in the open electricity market, Nord Pool. Follow the Company's progress at


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