Prestigious multimillion agreement when BancTec chooses ReadSoft#s products

Prestigious multimillion agreement when BancTec chooses ReadSoft´s products In competition with international companies in the automatic data capture segment the Swedish company ReadSoft has closed a strategic partnership with American system integrator BancTec. BancTec, leaders in integrated document and e-business solutions within, for instance the finance world, will resell and integrate ReadSoft´s products. BancTec chooses Eyes & Hands FORMS and INVOICES and estimate the yearly order value with ReadSoft to USD 1.500.000 - 3.000.000. The American system integrator will resell and integrate the software Eyes & Hands FORMS and INVOICES to customers within banking, finance, government and other segments. ReadSoft´s software will facilitate the processing and flow of document management, for instance, invoices, bank checks, loan applications and insurance claims handling. ReadSoft will be BancTec´s major supplier of automatic data capture products and has won the order in competition with other suppliers. - For many years BancTec has been the leading company in electronic document management. I am extraordinary pleased they picked ReadSoft to be their first supplier, especially since that means a greater impact for us on a global market, comments ReadSoft´s MD Jan Andersson. Utilizing ReadSoft´s software, BancTec will offer state-of-the-art character recognition techniques to locate and interpret the data on forms, delivering what BancTec considers to be the highest accuracy and most cost-effective correction in the industry. - For BancTec, ReadSoft´s products exceeded the capabilities of the alternative offerings. ReadSoft has the clearest vision for where they and their products are going, comments Peter Dinham, International Solutions Director of BancTec. For more information contact: ReadSoft AB Jan Andersson, MD ReadSoft, or Olof Engvall, Information Services Manager Pho: +46-42-490 21 00 E-mail: ReadSoft is a leading company in the development and sales of software for automatic data capture, which is software that automatically registers and interprets data on forms and invoices in paper or electronic format. ReadSoft is the market leader and has established offices in the most important international markets. Since its establishment in 1991, ReadSoft has evolved into a global corporation with eleven subsidiaries in several European countries, in North and South America and Australia. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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ReadSoft is the worldwide market leader in the development and sales of forms processing software, that is, software for the automatic registration and interpretation of data on forms and invoices in paper or electronic format.