ReadSoft introduces new software for accounts payable reporting

ReadSoft now releases a new, ground-breaking piece of software called REPORTER. The software gives users immediate access to statistics and reports regarding their invoice processing.

"We have great expectations for this new technology," says Peter Hörwing, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ReadSoft. "Our customers already save a lot of time and money by using our software and now they can get exact and immediate reports on their efficiency gains. The software adds value to all customers wanting to optimize their accounts payable processes."

REPORTER is an add-on to ReadSoft's INVOICES product which is the world's most widely used software for data capture from invoices. By using REPORTER, ReadSoft's customers will be able to view trends in their invoice processing, see how long it takes to process invoices from certain suppliers, find out where bottlenecks are, and much more. These reports and statistics will enable users to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in the accounts payable department and improve their invoice processing substantially.

The software uses a technique called "associative data mining" which means that everything is available instantly. Users can get reports on anything they like simply by clicking on a specific year, user, supplier etc. Everything is available immediately.

The software is powered by QlikView technology, and enables users to reach reports by simply clicking around. This makes REPORTER unique on the market. Pilot customers are already up and running in Sweden and France and the response has been very positive. Now, this technology is being rolled out to the rest of the world.

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ReadSoft AB
Peter Hörwing, SVP Sales & Marketing
Phone: +46 733 - 37 86 70
Jonna Opitz, Vice President, Corporate Communications
Phone: +46 733 - 37 86 68

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