ReadSoft signs agreement with UNISYS

ReadSoft signs agreement with UNISYS The software company ReadSoft has signed a distribution agreement with global system integrators UNISYS, which gives them a right to market and sell ReadSoft's products around the world. UNISYS has conducted an investigation of systems for automatic data capture available on the world market. This investigation has resulted in the two companies joining forces to provide a total solution for automatic document management, comprised of UNISYS' InfoImage System and ReadSoft's product Eyes & Hands. "Our analysis has shown us that ReadSoft is light-years ahead of its competition in offering a fully functional, easy to implement and fully supportable complete solution for forms processing and data capture," said Brian Mandel, Principal for Unisys' Worldwide Imaging Center of Excellence. "Our experience in installing similar solutions for very high profile clients has aided the analysis and has proven that the ReadSoft product is the absolute best fit for our customers." "UNISYS will become a very strong partner globally, and especially in the US, where they are well-established suppliers to most of the larger companies. We feel very enthusiastic about the business opportunities this agreement will provide us with in the future. ReadSoft has in a short period of time signed agreements with two important multinational distribution channels, thanks to our powerful products and a strong organization. That is a promising 'receipt' of our strength when it comes to both product concept and market strategy, " says Jan Andersson, MD at ReadSoft. ReadSoft's shares have since the introduction on the Stockholm Stock Exchange on June 22 increased from SEK 25 to SEK 100 and interest in the company has been great. The latest important news about the partnership with IBM - and now UNISYS - and the multimillion deal with Avon has convinced that ReadSoft will be the largest actor on the world market for automatic data capture. The interim report also gave positive signals, showing a growth of 116 percent compared to the same period last year. Founded in Sweden in 1991, ReadSoft has distributors in over 30 countries and subsidiaries in the United States, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Chile, and Australia. Its main product, Eyes & Hands FORMS, is used by organizations around the globe by banking, insurance, mail order, government agencies, and utilities. ReadSoft's products are used in processing applications that range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of forms per day.. För more information contact: ReadSoft AB Garnisonsgatan 25A Jan Andersson, MD at 254 66 ReadSoft Helsingborg or Kristina Kisthinios, E-mail: Information Services Pho: +46-42-490 21 00 Fax: +46-42-490 21 20 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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ReadSoft is the worldwide market leader in the development and sales of forms processing software, that is, software for the automatic registration and interpretation of data on forms and invoices in paper or electronic format.