ReadSoft wins breakthrough deal with a division of the US federal government

ReadSoft has just won a prestigious deal regarding ReadSoft DOCUMENTS for Forms. A division of the US federal government has placed an order for software and services exceeding 1 MUSD. The order is ReadSoft’s largest in the structured forms processing software segment, and it is also the largest in the US so far this year.

ReadSoft’s large-volume installation will automatically process millions of forms in 27 locations all over the US. The client, a division of the US federal government, wishes to remain anonymous at this time due to the confidential information being collected by various methods. This first order relates to just one of many document processes within the government, and the client has already stated that they are willing to expand the deal as they continue to automate their document handling processes. “We have worked very hard to win this prestigious contract, and it is truly rewarding to come out as number one in this race. This is a large contract with a promising future. We have been chosen to install our software in 27 locations, making this one of our largest deals ever in the US. This huge volume deal will also serve as a very valuable reference for new sales to different divisions of the US government,” says Jan Andersson, President of ReadSoft. What is ReadSoft DOCUMENTS for Forms? The forms processing software offers organizations substantial savings, increased productivity and improved data quality. The software reads handwritten text, machine-print, barcodes, check boxes, circles, tables, matrixes etc. Among other benefits, automatic forms processing is much faster than manual keying of information, offering a quick return on investment. ------------------------------------------------ For more information, please contact --------------------------------------- ReadSoft AB Jan Andersson, President/CEO Pho: +46-(0)708 - 37 66 00 Olof Engvall, Vice President, PR & Communication Pho: +46-(0)708 - 37 66 70 E-mail:

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ReadSoft is the worldwide market leader in the development and sales of forms processing software, that is, software for the automatic registration and interpretation of data on forms and invoices in paper or electronic format.

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