Shareholders' General Meeting at ReadSoft

Shareholders' General Meeting at ReadSoft The legendary Parapeten restaurant in Helsingborg was the venue for ReadSoft's ordinary general meeting 2001. Approximately 100 shareholders attended the meeting. ReadSoft AB and the ReadSoft group's result and balance sheet were adopted and the board of directors and the MD were discharged from liability for the financial year 2000. The Shareholders' General meeting also decided that there would be no share dividend for the year 2000. Other decisions taken during the meeting: · Suggestion for a new incentive program for management, staff and board members in ReadSoft AB was accepted by the meeting. Subscription of maximum 900 000 new shares series B based on warrants can take place June 1st 2004 to August 31st 2004. The share rate will be based on a volume weight average which correlates with the official list of shares in the company according to the Stockholm Stock Exchange during the period May 2nd 2001 to May 11th 2001. · Election of board members was completed and the following people were reelected: Göran E. Larsson, Henrik Westfeldt, Jan Andersson and Lars Appelstål. Lennart Pihl, MD at Bong Ljungdahl AB, was elected new board member. Lennart Jacobsson and Göran Ohlsson retired from the board due to Swedestart's and Industrifonden's partly discontinued relations with ReadSoft. · The suggestion to authorize the board to decide on new issue of shares was accepted by the meeting. The board thus has the authority to, at one or several occasions, but no later than up to the Shareholders general meeting 2002, decide on increased share capital with 450 000 SEK at the highest, through new issue of shares, no higher than 4 500 000 shares, series B, each at a nominal value of 0,1 SEK (10 öre). The new shares may be issued with a deviation of the shareholders' preferential rights. The reason for this is that the board will have the authority to aquire a company by issuing new shares in ReadSoft as payment, without the need to summon an extraordinary general meeting, or that means can be raised faster compared to a new issue of shares to existing share holders or increasing the number of owners in the company. For more information, please contact: ReadSoft AB Jan Andersson, MD ReadSoft, Pho: +46-(0)708 - 37 66 00 Olof Engvall, Information Services Manager, Pho: +46-(0)708 - 37 66 70 E-mail: ReadSoft is the market leader in the development and sales of software for automatic data capture, which is software that automatically registers and interprets data on forms and invoices in paper or electronic format. Since its establishment in 1991, ReadSoft has evolved into a global corporation with twelve subsidiaries in several European countries, in North and South America and Australia. The annual growth, for the last five years, has been approximately 70%. In 2000 the turnover was 31 MUSD. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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ReadSoft is the worldwide market leader in the development and sales of forms processing software, that is, software for the automatic registration and interpretation of data on forms and invoices in paper or electronic format.