Year End Report 2006

  • The turnover for 2006 increased by 15 percent to SEK 459.8 (400.9) million
  • Results after tax for 2006 were SEK 38.8 (52.0) million
  • Results per share for 2006 were SEK 1.20 (1.67)
  • Operating result* for 2006 was SEK 33.7 (20.0) million
  • Cash-flow from the current business for 2006 was SEK 55.5 (67.1) million
  • The turnover for the fourth quarter increased by 13 percent to SEK 142.0 (125.8) million
  • Results after tax for the fourth quarter was SEK 25.0 (29.8) million
  • Results per share for the fourth quarter was SEK 0.77 (0.95)

    Increased turnover by 15 percent and increased operating result* by 68 percent


    During the fourth quarter of 2006 ReadSoft made two important acquisitions. In October the SAP-specialist Ebydos was acquired and in December the remaining 50 percent of the Oracle-specialist ReadSoft Consit was acquired. The acquisitions are strategically important moves since they give ReadSoft the possibility to build integrated solutions within the SAP and Oracle business systems instead of building them outside. This gives the company a strong competitive advantage in the document automation market.

    ReadSoft closed a number of deals with large multinational groups during the fourth quarter of 2006. One of these global agreements was signed with Volkswagen. The Volkswagen group has chosen ReadSoft as the preferred supplier of solutions for electronic invoice processing into their SAP business system. The agreement also stipulates commercial aspects for future international deals. ReadSoft has already installed the SAP certified solution at a number of Volkswagen units, automating the processing of more than one million supplier invoices annually.

    Another deal was closed with CEMEX, a global building solutions company, that has chosen ReadSoft to supply its invoice processing solution. The initial agreement covers approximately one million invoices per year and ReadSoft has already installed the SAP certified solution at CEMEX's German, British and French businesses. Now they are reviewing their routines throughout the rest of the company.

    * Operating income not affected by tax, currency divergence, capitalization of R&D expenditure and depreciations of intangible assets.

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    Jan Bertilsson, CFO
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