Rebecca Wang Featured in Exclusive Interview in the Recent Edition of Hollywood Weekly

Rebecca Wang was the star of a new six page interview that focused on the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards. Her work as an entrepreneur, film producer and psychotherapist have given her a unique insight and appreciation for the arts, which created a captivating dialogue for the interview.

In the recent Hollywood Weekly edition published in the week preceding the   British Academy of Film and Television Arts   (BAFTA) Awards, executive producer, entrepreneur and former psychotherapist Rebecca Wang provides another stimulating and thought provoking six page interview, giving a special personal insight into this organization for the visual arts and her keen support for health and humanitarian projects.

As someone devoted to all forms of artistic expression, and with personal experience in the film industry,  Rebecca Wang  describes how it has been a natural step for her to support BAFTA, and why it is close to her heart. She gives an account of how the annual British Academy Film Awards has evolved over recent years into a ceremony of highly respected and influential international ranking on the world film circuit. She also discusses the sheer range of projects and programs BAFTA offers all year round, and most importantly, how the work it is involved with among talented youngsters is ensuring a bright future for UK film, television and video games production.

Sharing her own wealth of knowledge and practice in cinema, Rebecca Wang gives her definition of what constitutes a great film, and gives her assessment for trophy possibilities for the highly acclaimed UK film, 12 Years a Slave. In keeping with her multi-faceted love of and approach to life, readers also learn more about the other arts organizations in the UK which she supports. She enthusiastically describes the pleasure she derives from her connection to these organizations, and readers are permitted a highly personal interpretation of fashion, music and photography.

Wang goes on to explain the qualities and values which are intrinsic to her approach to life and her own personal goals. She tells about how working in accordance with these values has helped her in her many achievements, be they academic study, the practice of psychotherapy, or in creating a Hollywood film with award winning actors.

Her respect for good health as the bedrock of human existence translates into careful daily physical and spiritual practice for her own wellbeing, and then into the realm of health and humanitarian issues which she keenly advocates. For her, the AIDS charities EJAF (the Elton John AIDS Foundation), and amfAR (the American Foundation for AIDS research) are of note, and enthuse her not only because of the remarkable work that they do, but also for their ability to infuse their renowned and stellar international fundraising events with breathtaking artistic creativity.

For Rebecca Wang, any notion of being a role model is of little interest. Of primary importance is the dedication towards her own goals and achievements in life, and for keeping a clear and positive attitude. Also, she enforces her belief that an individual’s vision should never bring harm to others. Her words imply that if everyone took these steps, the effect would be a better world for everyone. She states, “The role of celebrity is a responsibility requiring a moral undertaking, given that via social media, those in the limelight are so avidly and slavishly followed and copied by the young. These people wield such a strong influence over that audience, and it should be used wisely. Celebrities have a chance to lead by example by participating in a healthy lifestyle, and positive behaviors towards others.”

The interview ends with Wang describing that by practicing discipline and persistence in whatever one does, dreams can be fulfilled. “Ultimately,” she tells her readers, “it is you who will make your dreams happen. Nobody else can do that for you.”

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Rebecca Wang is an entrepreneur, executive film producer and former psychotherapist who is passionate about all forms of artistic expression. She is also keen in her desire to bring effective support to projects focusing on health and humanitarian issues. Rebecca spent her early years in Asia, and has since lived in the US and Europe. Having graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, she has practiced at various leading institutions such as the University of Californian as well as several elementary schools, specializing in family, children, and couples counseling. It was the realization of the healing role of the arts in therapy, which was the catalyst for her to pursue her own creative dreams through filmmaking. Inspired to expand the reach of her work, in 2011 she made her production debut as executive producer with the Hollywood feature film Passion Play, which was selected for the prestigious 37th International Toronto Film Festival. Passion Play starred BAFTA winner Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray, both of whom had previously nominated for Academy Awards. Rebecca is based in London where she has a keen involvement across a wide-ranging field of interests and passions. She is dedicated to all art forms and endorses leading arts venues and organizations in the capital as a member of the Academy Circle for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Director of Circle for the Victoria and Albert Museum, and patron to the National, Tate Modern and Serpentine Galleries. Her love of music has led her to support the Royal College of Music, and she has an equal appreciation for the worlds of design, photography and fashion. In addition to her passion for all art forms, Rebecca is also committed to projects that focus on health and humanitarian issues and the global efforts against AIDS, helping two of the foremost charities in this field. The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) is renowned for the efforts of its founder Sir Elton John to eradicate the damage and stigma caused by the illness. Rebecca was benefactor over two consecutive years (2011, 2012) to the EJAF’s Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party, the most high-profile and largest fundraising event held in Hollywood on Oscar night. She resumed support for the event in 2014, this time as patron, a role she also took in October 2013 for their Enduring Vision benefit in New York. The event recognizes outstanding contribution in the campaign against AIDS and this year honored former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton with the Founder’s Award for her tireless work in the field. amfAR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, is a leading organization in the area of research, treatment and education for AIDS. amFAR attracts and fosters endorsement and ongoing patronage from many leading public figures in the fields of film, fashion and music including the late Elizabeth Taylor, Karl Lagerfeld and David Bowie, and it can also rely on support from those whose actions carry global weight and influence, such as former US President Bill Clinton. With Piaget and M.A.C Viva Glam, Rebecca acted as a sponsor for the 2012 Paris Inspiration Gala. She has also joined with others including amfAR Chairman Kenneth Cole as Chairs for the Los Angles Inspiration Gala in December 2013, and the New York Inspiration Galas in 2013 and 2014. Among those who have receiving awards at these events to honor their long term work, commitment and humanitarian stance towards AIDS have been Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, philanthropist Aileen Getty, fashion legend Valentino, actress Goldie Hawn, singer Jennifer Lopez, and luxury brand Hugo Boss. Beyond the worlds of arts and humanitarian issues, Rebecca has particularly developed a natural affinity with dogs since her childhood, and this has been a catalyst for her to support the RSPCA, the UK’s leading animal charity. The RSPCA is the oldest organization for animal welfare in the world and since its foundation in 1824 has played an active role in both the creation of animal welfare legislation and in its enforcement. Rebecca continues to focus on ventures which reflect expression and flair across all artistic mediums and which further her understanding for humanitarian issues.