Radical Muslims Want This Author Dead.

Outspoken Critic of Islam Making Rare Trip to U.S.

It’s been confirmed that the controversial Dutch parliament member -- whose fearless criticism of radical Islam around the world has made him a marked man -- is making a rare trip to the U.S. on April 30th. Geert Wilders will only be in the States for a few days under very tight security and is granting just a handful of interviews and appearances as part of a media tour for his explosive new book, Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against The West and Me. This is a very rare opportunity to hear this gentleman share how his life has been permanently placed in danger simply for speaking his mind.

Wilders is leader of the third largest political party in theNetherlandsand his opinion of Islam has forced him to live in hiding, travel in armored cars and wear bullet proof vests while surrounded by security. He condemns the Koran and wants to halt mosque constructions, stop all immigration from Muslim countries and vigorously protect free speech – including the freedom to criticize violent jihad. Wilders explains why what has happened to him, living as a political prisoner, is happening all across the West—and why Americans need to stop teh threat of radical Muslims.

“Today freedom of speech is being stifled by a desire to accommodate and appease Islam….I have lived as a virtual prisoner since November 2004, for no other reason than I spoke out against [Islam],” writes Wilders.

Wilders is only permitted a small window of time for travel and security teams have to check confirmed locations as soon as possible, so please let me know if you would like to schedule an interview.

Contact Laura Bentz at 202-677-4440 or lbentz@eaglepub.com to do so!


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Geert Wilders lives as a political prisoner because he spoke out against Islam
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Dutch Politician Geert Wilders will be on media tour in U.S.- granting only a few interviews! @Regnery
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