Rejlers' Interim Report, January-September 2010

9 November 2010

Increasingly brighter market prospects


  • Turnover amounted to SEK 586.2 million (567.1)
  • Operating profit was SEK 31.8 million (31.5)
  • Operating margin amounted to 5.4 per cent (5.6)
  • Profit after tax was SEK 23.4 million (22.5)
  • Earnings per share were SEK 2.16 (2.08)

Third quarter

  • Turnover amounted to SEK 174.5 million (161.8)
  • Operating profit was SEK 9.3 million (5.9)
  • Operating margin amounted to 5.3 per cent (3.6)
  • Profit after tax was SEK 6.8 million (4.2)
  • Earnings per share were SEK 0.63 (0.39)

Statement from Managing Director and CEO Peter Rejler
Rejlers is continuing to consciously build up a balanced customer base for the Group. The market prospects for the industrial sector are looking increasingly bright, and this sector is well on the way to recovery. We are now focusing on recruitment and company acquisitions in other customer groups.

On 1 October, Råbe Industrikonsult was acquired, which will complement Reljers' offer to the Swedish and Finnish nuclear power industry. The energy sector will demand greater availability of consultant services, among other things to renovate and maintain nuclear power stations. At the same time, alternative energy is on an upswing. We are working on major infrastructure projects, where we have an increased need for recruitment. This applies for consultants within the railway and telecom sectors. The demand for commercial and public properties has resulted in a stable market for Construction and property.

An example of noteworthy assignments during the third quarter is a project for the Swedish Transport Administration, where Rejlers is designing the contact lines, electrical power and signal system for when the railway line between Arlöv and Flackarp is expanded from double track to four track. The company has been commissioned to raise the safety class of electrical power facilities for EON and Svenska Kraftnät.  Rejlers also has the technical responsibility for the infrastructure for the congestion charge project in Gothenburg, when it comes to communication and security between the pay stations and the Swedish Transport Agency's central system.

During the autumn, we attained our goal of 1000 employees for the year 2010. It started as a vision in 2003, in connection with our listing on the stock exchange. Now we are raising the bar further. We call our goal for the next development phase 3x2015. In 2015, we will have at least 2015 employees and turnover of at least SEK 2015 million. We continue to believe that 2010 earnings will be higher than those for 2009.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Rejler, MD and CEO tel. +46 (0)70 602 34 24, e-mail:
Lars Solin, CFO tel. +46 (0)73 386 15 20, e-mail:

Rejlers is a Nordic group offering technical consultancy services in the fields of electrical engineering, energy, mechanical engineering, automation, electronics, IT and telecommunications. Rejlers' shares are listed on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange.

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Rejlers is one of the largest engineering consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Our 2,000 experts work with projects in the areas of Energy, Buildings, Industry, Infrastructure and Telecom. At Rejlers, you will meet specialist engineers with the knowledge, cutting edge expertise and energy to achieve results. We can be found in 75 locations in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Rejlers recorded revenue of SEK 2.5 billion in 2017 and its class B share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


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