Iran: New Military Systems Analysed in Defence and Security Report Q3 2012

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According to the ‘Iran Defence and Security Report Q3 2012’  by the end of March 2012 it was still unclear whether the crisis surroundingIran's nuclear programme would reach a diplomatic or military conclusion.

In February 2012 President Ahmadinejad announced that he was more than doubling the country's defence budget by ordering a 127% increase, although he did not discloseTehran's current level of defence spending.

Iranalso unveiled a series of new military systems, which underlined the fact that attacking the country could pose some serious tactical challenges to US or Israeli forces. State TV profiled a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called the Shaparak in March, while defence minister General Ahmad Vahidi announced in February that a new anti-ship cruise missile, the Zafar, had entered series production. Vahidi also said that the Iranian defence industry had successfully developed a new type of guided artillery shell.

Iran Defence and Security Report Q3 2012’  

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