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'Swedish Foodservice: The Future of Foodservice to 2016' provides a top-level overview and detailed market, channel, and company-specific insights into the operating environment for foodservice companies. It is an essential tool for companies active across the Swedish foodservice value chain, and for new companies considering entering the market.

The Swedish foodservice market remained insulated from the European recession. The widespread use of technology, high disposable income, and increasing health awareness, have made the market a lot more competitive than before. The market is expected to grow further between 2012 and 2016, driven by the growing number of households in the country, rise in the employed population, rise in disposable income, and the development of healthier and more nutritious eating habits

Key Market Issues

The Swedish economy registered stable growth during the recent global financial crisis, which impacted the country's foodservice industry positively. During the period starting from 2006, government debt has been showing a considerable decrease, which resulted in strengthening of the economy, thereby providing growth opportunities for various sectors, including the foodservice sector.

Due to the rise in inflation, consumers have started purchasing products based on quality and price. However, the inflation did not affect the consumer spending on foodservices, which is expected to rise further in the future.

The Swedish population is dominated by the 40-64 years age group in terms of strength, and an increase in their population will increase the demand for healthy menus at restaurants and other eating locations.

The average size of theSwedish household has been decreasing since 2006 and is expected to decline further in future.The share of single person households has risen over the review period.Also, the participation of women in the labor force has been constantly increasing. These demographic developments have resulted in a fast-paced lifestyles and increasing demand for out of home cooked food in the country.

A rise in the working population has had a positive impact on the foodservice industry, as consumers increasingly frequent foodservice outlets for convenience food, due to a reduction in leisure time. Eating out due to lack of time is a trend which is projected to continue over the forecast period.

Key Highlights

The Swedish are acquiring healthy food habits, mainly due to an ageing population and also widespread health awareness. As people are becoming more aware of obesity and other health issues, the demand for healthier food products has risen.

Sweden has a large consumer base that is dependent on internet access. Also, internet penetration showed very dynamic growth between 2006-2011. Foodservice operators therefore make use of these factors in order to reach as many consumers as possible.

The mobile penetration rate in Sweden stood at 129.2% in 2011 and is expected to reach 134.94% by 2016.This increase is mainly because of the widespread use of smartphones in the country. Smartphones provide an easy mode of giving reviews on restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Foodservice operators are offering Wi-Fi services at their outlets, with an intention to provide better consumer experience, which will drive growth in transactions and consequently growth in sales.

As the ageing population constitutes a large portion of the total Swedish population, and awareness of health has therefore risen in last few years, and is expected to increase further during the forecast period.

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