World Cement & Concrete Additives market to hit $16 billion in 2015 has addewd a new report entitled ‘World Cement & Concrete Additives: Industry forecasts for 2012 & 2017’ 

The report ‘World Cement & Concrete Additives: Industry forecasts for 2012 & 2017’ states that cement and concrete additives demand will reach $16 billion by 2015.

According the 383 page report a variety of factors will contribute to this healthy growth. Use of mineral additives in concrete formulations is expanding due to efforts to reduce overall cement consumption and to take advantage of performance attributes offered by industrial waste products such as fly ash and blast furnace slag.

Global building construction activity is expected to accelerate substantially following a weak period, boosting demand for additives used on building concrete, particularly in high-rise buildings and other non-residential structures. Gains in residential construction will also be considerable, although additive usage in that segment is generally less intensive.

Advances in the highway and street market will be strongest in developing areas such as the Africa/Mideast region andChina, where roads and other infrastructure expansion is occurring most rapidly.

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