British Airways selects Resco as its content provider in northern Europe

British Airways selects Resco as its content provider in northern Europe One geographic region - one content provider. That was the reasoning behind British Airways' selection of a Web partner in northern Europe. Resco has been awarded the commission, thus expanding an already close alliance. Resco's previous commissions from British Airways include refinement and renewal of the company's public website and building of its "Speedbird" extranet for travel agents in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The alliance is now being expanded as British Airways consolidates its Web commissions in northern Europe to Resco. Resco as a whole will be working with Web production for British Airways in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. "Co-ordination is a must for the development of the websites and extranets. We are working towards eight countries, and it will be smoother and more cost-effective to work with a single contact at one agency. We have been co-operating closely with Resco for some time and have been very satisfied, which made Resco the logical choice now that we are consolidating our production. One of the advantages we see is that Resco is also active in the German-speaking market," says Yanik Hoyles, British Airways Commercial Manager Nordic and the Netherlands. "It is gratifying that our co-operation with British Airways has been expanded to become a comprehensive and long-term alliance. Our clients are working in a Europe where borders are fast disappearing and our international expansion gives us greater opportunity to be at their sides locally and globally," says Torstein Johansen, Managing Director of Resco. Nordic websites are currently being upgraded. Projects planned for the future include production of extranets in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a content provider, Resco also collaborates extensively with British Airways' advertising agency in conjunction with promotional campaigns. For more information, please contact: Resco Torstein Johansen, Managing Director +46 70-665 65 10 Marta Karlqvist, Account Manager, BA +46 708-53 53 60 British Airways Yanik Hoyles, Commercial Manager Nordic and the Netherlands +46 8-678 99 92 Susanne Blybäck, E-commerce Executive Northern Europe +46 708-661 668 Resco AB RESCO is a consultancy firm based on the association of the strongest individuals in several industries - specialists whose individual competencies allow us to offer a greater whole than others - from the Internet and to the physical world. With our 550 specialists in the fields of market communication, business systems, design, Internet strategy, web technology and architecture, we are taking a unique position in the corporate renewal market. Our offer reaches from communication that cements relationships and into the technology that makes business exchange possible. We see it as our mandate to constantly challenge our customers and ourselves to see new opportunities in the economy of a new era. RESCO was founded in 1982. We are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and have offices in Sweden, Finland and Germany. British Airways The world's largest international passenger airline, British Airways was founded in 1939. The company's service network is one of the most extensive in the world, with 233 destinations in 96 countries. With its partners, British Airways covers 559 destinations in 134 countries. British Airways' objective is for fifty percent of total sales to be transacted online by 2002. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: