Resco delivers calculation solution to ISS in Finland

Resco delivers calculation solution to ISS in Finland Resco in Finland, Major Blue Company, has delivered a system for payroll calculation to ISS. Major Blue® Palkat is a flexibel system which meets the demands of ISS, for example adaptation to several contract sectors, arious payment categories and decentralised payroll processing. Major Blue® Palkat is one of Major Blue Company's own products and it also includes an interpretation system that facilitates payroll work. The interpretation system calculates, on the basis of working hours, the basic salary, possible overtime and increments in regular salary. This payroll system can also be expanded with a browser-based data collection function. "The basic requirement in overhauling the payroll system was to find a reliable system to facilitate payroll work in a consolidated corporation. Major Blue Company offered a suitable solution, and our expectations for the new payroll system are high, both as regards development of payroll work and costs savings. The Major Blue® Palkat system is flexible, and can be modified independently according to the needs of various contract sectors," explains Payroll Management Director Ulla Kangaspunta from ISS. "The project was launched in the autumn, and is proceeding by contract sector so that the overall project will be completed by 1 September 2002. All in all, the overhaul of our payroll system is a challenging project, since the payroll calculation of ISS comprises several contract sectors, various payment categories and decentralised payroll processing," says Ms. Kangaspunta. Major Blue Company has also delivered an e-service solution to ISS that will give its customers the ability to place orders for real-estate and office-support services via a World Wide Web interface. Major Blue Company is one of Finland's leading suppliers of payroll management systems. The company has delivered applications to some 350 companies. Since Major Blue Company was acquired by Resco, Internet solutions have been the new operating area of the software house. Toneco, a company specialising in customer management, and Dataform, a supplier of ERP systems, was also acquired by Resco in October. By the end of 2000, they will be merged into Major Blue Company Oy. Additional information: Major Blue Company, Sales Manager Kari Inkilä, mobile phone +358 (0)40 541 0738 ISS, Ulla Kangaspunta, mobile phone +358 (0)40 566 9456 Resco, Kjell Jacobsson, chairman and chief executive officer at Resco AB, +46 70-890 30 50 Major Blue Company Major Blue Company - MBC Oy - is part of Resco. It is a Finnish IT service company that develops and delivers comprehensive information-system solutions for payroll calculation and personnel control, sales and marketing and enterprise-resource planning. The selection of services is complemented by Internet-based added-value applications and wireless communication solutions in all product sectors. MBC was established in 1985. The company's offices are located in Tampere and Helsinki. In August 1999, the Microsoft Corporation selected MBC as the Solution Provider of the Year from among some one hundred Finnish companies. Resco AB RESCO is a consultancy firm based on the association of the strongest individuals in several industries - specialists whose individual competencies allow us to offer a greater whole than others - from the Internet and to the physical world. With our 550 specialists in the fields of market communication, business systems, design, Internet strategy, web technology and architecture, we are taking a unique position in the corporate renewal market. Our offer reaches from communication that cements relationships and into the technology that makes business exchange possible. We see it as our mandate to constantly challenge our customers and ourselves to see new opportunities in the economy of a new era. RESCO was founded in 1982. We are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and have offices in Sweden, Finland and Germany. ISS ISS is a company specialising in real estate, office support and welfare services. It develops and supplies comprehensive services related to real estate maintenance and preserving the value of property, office-support services, and meal, day-care and household assistance services. In Finland, ISS operates nation-wide, employs 6,300 professionals and forms a part of the international ISS Group. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: