Resco increases its rate of expansion in Germany

Resco increases its rate of expansion in Germany Resco is reaching critical mass in Hamburg at breakneck speed. In less than six months Resco has hired 54 people, most of them consultants. Resco now has 54 employees in the German market, most of them qualified consultants. A consultancy team that has grown organically in less than six months. The consultants are based in Hamburg, which Resco considers to be one of the most important German cities in terms of IT at present. The German unit, which is an important element in Resco's strategy of internationalisation, will start operations on October 1st. The forecast is for full utilisation - for the whole team of consultants - from Day One. Among the customers in the initial phase are Wella and Checkpoint Meto. The successful recruitment campaign is continuing, and within 12 months Resco will be represented by at least 100 locally based employees in Germany. New launch locations are being assessed. "We will be focusing above all on large and medium-sized companies, and giving them integrated IT solutions in the field of e-commerce, communication and customer relations systems. We will build up our organisation around these three cornerstones, and we already have specialists within each field. And with our network I foresee good opportunities for expansion in future, in terms of both personnel and customers," says Michael Mörchen, member of the management group of Resco GmbH. "As the Swedish IT and Internet market is becoming more compact at a relatively rapid rate, Resco is focusing even more on European expansion. And our rapid progress in Germany bears witness to an effective strategy of expansion. Few - if any - industry colleagues in Sweden have expanded as quickly under their own power on the German market as Resco, which provides a tremendous sense of stimulation. And equally stimulating is the knowledge that the German unit has developed marketing channels that can lay the foundations for continued, rapid expansion in the future," says Torstein Johansen, MD of Resco. For further information please contact: Torstein Johansen, MD, Resco AB +46 (0)70-665 65 10 Peter Ostrop, Resco GmbH +49 173 604 03 26 Viktor Svensson, IR and PR Officer, Resco AB +46 (0)70-890 33 13 About Resco AB RESCO is a consultancy company based on bringing together the best people from several industries. Specialists with expertise that lets us offer a greater total package than others - from the Internet to the physical world. With around 550 specialists in the fields of market communication, business systems, design, Internet strategy, web technology and architecture, we have a unique position within the market for corporate renewal. Our services on offer range from communication that strengthens relations to the technology that makes commercial profits possible. We see it as our task to constantly challenge our customers and ourselves to identify new opportunities in the economy of the new age. Resco was launched in 1982. We are now quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and have offices in Sweden, Finland and Germany. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: