Resco integrates Biztalk with Europolitan Vodafone Stores

Resco integrates Biztalk with Europolitan Vodafone Stores From now on Europolitan Vodafone Stores' different IT environments will be talking the same language. During summer Biztalk, which is said to be the IT world's answer to Esperanto, will be integrated into that company. This integration will be handled by Resco. "Biztalk is becoming the hub of our operations as it connects our internal systems to our customers' systems. It's simpler for them to place orders and simpler for us to handle them. Biztalk makes our processes more efficient and means that the administrative costs are reduced. This of course favours both our customers and us", says Mathias Törnblom, head of IT at Europolitan Vodafone Stores. This integration of Biztalk, which Resco is now implementing for Europolitan Vodafone Stores, is the first of its kind. The task consists, on the one hand, of integrating Europolitan Vodafone Stores' existing business systems and website with Biztalk and, on the other, of integrating the standard with the company's own customers' business systems. "Since Biztalk is making it possible for all IT environments to communicate in one common language, companies can reduce their administrative costs by 90 percent per invoice", say Kenth Juthberg, who is responsible for business partners and business development at Resco. The Biztalk concept is based on the XML standard and its developers include Ariba, IBM and Microsoft. It is a kind of middleware that optimises a company's internal and external business processes by facilitating communication between the systems that are critical to business. Above all, Biztalk simplifies the link between the Internet and the companies' existing IT environments while at the same time automating many processes, thereby reducing costs. For more information please contact: Kenth Juthberg, Business Development and Partners Manager at Resco, +46 (0)708-90 38 26, Mathias Törnblom, IT Manager at Europolitan Vodafone Stores, +46 (0)709- 90 81 09, About Resco AB Resco is a company in the IT industry with a focus on e-integration. The company combines IT and business systems with the Internet to make the client companies' operations and interaction with their customers and the rest of the world more effective. Resco was founded in 1982 and operates today in Sweden, Finland and Germany. With close to 600 specialists in business development, business systems, web technology, design, IT architecture and marketing communications Resco has a unique position in the market. The company has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1996. For more information about the company see About Europolitan Stores AB The network operator Europolitan AB and its own chain of stores Europolitan Stores AB are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Europolitan Holdings AB. The parent company Europolitan Holdings AB has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O list since May 1994. The British mobile telephone operator Vodafone AirTouch plc currently owns 71 percent of Europolitan Holdings AB. The remaining 29 percent is distributed amongst private individuals. Europolitan Vodafone Stores currently has 43 stores from Sundsvall in the north to Malmö in the south, including a store on the Net. Please visit us at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: