Resco makes a strategic acquisition in Finland

Resco makes a strategic acquisition in Finland Resco in Finland, Major Blue Company, has acquired Sector Oy which produces data acquisition systems. This company acquisition complements and strengthens Resco's Finnish business involvement in the area of HRM (human resource management). "The purpose of the acquisition is to benefit from the companies' complementary resources. The data acquisition systems that Sector Oy has developed are being integrated into Major Blue HRM and ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions", reports Markku Pekkola, CEO of Major Blue Company, Resco in Finland. "Resco in Finland is developing positively and the HRM part is one of the most profitable. The acquisition of Sector is further increasing that profitability and we can see great potential for our products on the Finnish market, where we're already quite strong, and in other countries as well", says Kjell Jacobsson, acting CEO of Resco. The merger means that both parties get access to potential customers of a new type. Major Blue Company has about 600 customers in several different industries. Sector has about 100 customers, the most important of which are active in the food and paper industries. The acquisition is being financed by launching a new issue of 314,000 Resco shares and from the proceeds of additional sales. The cooperation between Major Blue Company and Sector started in a natural way through a joint supply project. A computer system is now being installed at M-Real's paper mill at Gerknäs in Lojo. Major Blue Company is supplying a pay administration system for it, while Sector Oy is supplying a data acquisition system which will be used in conjunction with the pay administration system. Sector is active in Joensuu in eastern Finland. This company, which was founded in 1986 and has 14 employees, supplies systems and factory terminals for collecting data on working hours, operating times, access control and production data for industry as well as customer-tailored overall solutions for the mining and mining machinery industry. The acquisition of Sector means that the business in Finland will grow by a further 14 people, bringing the number of employees to about 160. Business is conducted in Finland at offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and now also in Joensuu. The year 2001 started very well for the Finnish part of Resco. It has a strong position in its lines of business and Major Blue Company is a market leader in HRM in Finland. The other international part of Resco, Resco in Germany, is also developing well. The business is growing fast organically, with the office in Hamburg currently employing 84 people. The new customers they have acquired include Audi and Porche. For more information please contact: Kjell Jacobsson, acting CEO of Resco AB, mobile no. +46 (0)708-90 30 50, Markku Pekkola, CEO of Major Blue Company, mobile no. +358 (0)400-233 150, Matti Nummi, CEO of Sector Oy, mobile no. +358 (0)400 591 013 About Resco AB Resco is a company in the IT industry with a focus on e-integration. The company combines IT and business systems with the Internet to make the client companies' operations and interaction with their customers and the rest of the world more effective. Resco was founded in 1982 and operates today in Sweden, Finland and Germany. With close to 600 specialists in business development, business systems, web technology, design, IT architecture and marketing communications Resco has a unique position in the market. The company has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1996. For more information about the company see About Major Blue Company Major Blue Company - MBC Oy is a part of Resco that was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1996. Major Blue Company has four offices in Finland: Tampere, Helsinki, Turku and Joensuu. The Major Blue® product families include customer relations management, personnel administration systems and business systems. The software products are complemented by strategic advice as well as customer-specific project deliveries and technical services. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: