Resco regroups for growth in the Öresund region

Resco regroups for growth in the Öresund region Resco is regrouping for increased regional growth and profitability in the Öresund region. Acquisitions and establishment in Denmark are included in their plans. Resco is carrying out a number of strategic changes in the Öresund region. Their Lund office will be sharing office space with the Malmö branch in new premises in central Malmö. This department will be Resco Öresund. The focus is to be - as with the rest of the Group - integrated IT solutions with business systems and the Internet as basic components. Nine consultants are said to be leaving because of the ever-increasing emphasis on customer focus, as their competence profile lies outside the new orientation. The net result of this reduction in terms of personnel will be marginal, as new appointments will be taking place as soon as possible. "Resco Öresund currently employs 35 people. All fulfil the requirements for Internet Management connected to business systems development, that is, the competence mix that will be seen in Resco. Within the year, Resco Öresund will have at least doubled in size", says Bengt-Göran Nejdeståhl, their Area Manager. Growth will mainly be through the addition of solid Internet competence. The model for growth primarily rests with organic development. But in the short term - with volume in mind - we see company acquisitions as being an interesting alternative. Resco Öresund is holding discussions and expects to have a decision during the autumn. "At the same time, we are aiming at being established in the Danish market, and this would then be an obvious and natural part of Resco Öresund. We recently received our first project on Danish soil, and permanent establishment has a high priority. All in all, I'm looking at the latter half of the year with great confidence", says Bengt-Göran Nejdeståhl. "This regrouping towards more growth-oriented areas, as is happening with Resco Öresund, should produce palpable results as early as the autumn, in terms of both growth and profitability. We're working in many respects towards a structure and competence distribution similar to the one that Resco built up in the Stockholm area", says Torstein Johansen, the Managing Director. For more information, please contact: Torstein Johansen, VD Resco AB +46 70 665 65 10 Bengt-Göran Nejdeståhl, Area Manager, Resco Öresund +46 708 90 36 61 Viktor Svensson, IR and Information Officer, Resco AB +46 708 90 33 13 About Resco AB RESCO is a consultancy founded on an association of some of the most forceful personalities in business, specialists with qualifications that enable us to offer a bigger view of things than others - from the Internet to the physical world. With our roughly 550 specialists within market communication, business systems, design, Internet strategy, web technology and architecture, we occupy a unique position in the market for company renewal. We offer everything from communication that strengthens relationships to the technology that makes business exchanges possible. We see it as our job to keep challenging our clients and ourselves to discover the opportunities in the economy of a new period. RESCO started in 1982. We are currently listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and have offices in Sweden, Finland and Germany. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: