Ex-NFL players file lawsuit against Electronic Arts

One of the most popular video games, Madden NFL will soon be even more known for a recent allegation by former NFL players. Former Rams quarterback Vince Ferragamo, Sam Keller, and Brian Henri are seeking damages for the use of their likeness in the EA video game Madden NFL.

 Electronic Arts is being sued for using the plaintiffs’ likeness without permission or for improper compensation. A federal appeals court announced Tuesday Electronic Arts must face the lawsuit. EA argues the use of the likeness was protected by the 1stAmendment of the Constitution because it was a single incident, but Circuit Judge Raymond Fisher and his panel disagrees. Tuesday’s decision upheld a March 2012 ruling by U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg allowing the case to continue their argument against EA. In May 2014 a 40 million dollar settlement was reached with Sam Keller and the collegiate players in a similar suit.




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