Did You Have Difficulties Traveling Last Holiday Season?

Holiday travel tips from a seasoned travel agent

Did that blizzard sock you in? Did you pay too much for your tickets? Did you stay home because you didn’t think that you could afford that holiday vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Next year can be different if you follow these few tips from your local travel agent.

Marion Orgettas has learned a travel tip or two throughout her lifetime of upscale adventure travel. As the owner of Born to Travel, a sophisticated travel agency that caters to anyone who wants to visit unusual destinations, she has been around the world numerous times and has led expeditions to India, Nepal, Europe and Australia. Her travels have even taken her to the remote corners of South America and Asia. And whether your holiday plans include a get-away cruise or just visiting family, the most important travel tip to remember is to book your reservations early.

“You can save significantly when you book in advance,” says Marion. “And not only that, if you have a destination in mind – a place that you really want to visit – just tell your travel agent and have them look for future deals.” Marion explains that most cruise lines and resorts will offer free flights and 2-for-1 bookings if you plan well enough in advance.

Travel agents use their existing contacts with tour operators and luxury liners to find the best deals available. Tell your travel agent your dream ideas and let them spend the time scouring around for the best deals for you. You will be surprised at what offers are out there.

This is one of the biggest reasons that travel agents are regaining their prominence and relevance in the era of online booking. “When you deal with an online service, you just don’t get that personal touch and you often miss out on finding deals that are available,” says Marion. “It is like leaving money on the table. No one can listen to your needs better than a real person.”

The best present that you can give yourself next holiday season is a jumpstart on the planning process. Imagine all the places that you would love to see and all the things that you would love to do. Spend 15 minutes sharing those ideas with a travel agent. Let them do the hard work. All you will need to do is pick and choose which trip package is best for you. If you start planning now for next year, you might just be singing Christmas carols somewhere in the Mediterranean!

About Born to Travel:

Born to Travel is a full-service travel agency that specializes in unique travel destinations. Whether you are looking for a river cruise throughout the European low-lands or a Spa and Wellness spiritual getaway in India, Born to Travel has you covered. With over 30 years of experience, Marion matches up your needs, wants and budget to a tour package specially tailored to you. She is a CTC Certified Travel Consultant and is a recognized Niche Cruise Specialist by the NCMA. She was recently named Professional of the Year and granted the Cambridge Who’s Who award. She is currently working on completing her Master Cruise Counsellor certification. And while all these awards and accreditations speak to her professional abilities, Marion is most proud of her ability to be there for her clients and to really listen to their wants

For more information, visit www.borntotravelnh.com or contact Marion at marion@borntotravelnh.com

Marion Orgettas

Born to Travel

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