Washington Think Tank, The Endowment For Middle East Truth Praises,  Budget Cuts to Some U.S. Funded Education Programs

EMET President Sarah Stern praises 40% fed. budget cut to Title VI programs that "atrophied" into anti-U.S. and anti-Israel classes, which scorned those seeking future employment in U.S. defense and intelligence communities.

For Immediate Release: Friday, April 15, 2011
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Washington D.C. Anti-Terrorism Think-Tank Praises Budget Cuts to
Title VI Education Funds

Washington, DC, April 15, 2011—The Endowment for Middle East Truth Founder and President Sarah Stern praises spending cuts to international studies programs, in the federal budget, which is up for approval this week. These are 40% cuts to programs that are funded under Title VI of the Higher Education ACT.

Stern says, “Title VI of the Higher Education Act had been originally established to fund programs on regional studies to raise American students with the appropriate background to be serve our national security interests. But, that program had atrophied into one where “Post Colonialist” professors usually blamed America and Israel first for just about everything.”

Stern adds that these Title VI programs lacked accountability, seldom funneled students into careers using foreign languages crucial to U.S. Homeland Security, and were targeted by so-called “scholarly boycotts” designed to scorn students who wished to enter the realm of working for U.S. defense and intelligence programs. In addition, Stern says the programs were often manipulated by donations from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, which have often supported the other side of the U.S’s war on terrorism.

 Stern concludes, “This is a victory for those, who for years sounded the often ignored alarm about foreign influences in American academia--influences that wish to weaken the moral strength of the United States’ support of its only true partner in democracy in the Middle East, Israel."
 Sarah Stern is the author of the book, Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamist Terrorist Network: America and the West's Fatal Embrace, to be published by Palgrave Macmillan this coming August.
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The Endowment for Middle East Truth, (EMET), is a Pro-Israel, Pro-American think-tank and policy shop that specializes in educating policy-makers and their staffs regarding the threat radical Islam poses to Western world, and how Israel is on the frontlines in this battle. EMET is on Capitol Hill every week, working directly with staffers and members of Congress. They write and publish a newsletter, and articles for periodicals and conduct frequent seminars on Capitol Hill, where they bring in their “brain trust” of the brightest and the best scholars, analysts, journalists and authors.

President and founder Sarah Stern,  before beginning EMET, served as Director of the Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs of the American Jewish Congress (2004-April 2006). She also served as National Policy Coordinator, for the Zionist Organization of America (1998-2004).

Sarah played a major role in the drafting and passage of many pieces of legislation, including the Syria Accountability Act, the Koby Mandell Act, the US-Israel Alternative Energy Cooperation Act, the resolution in support of Israel’s security fence, and modifications to some legislation that relates to the teaching of Middle Eastern Studies to try to achieve a more balanced curriculum on college campuses. She has worked on many complex issues facing the Middle East.

Sarah has testified before a Senate Working Group about the treatment of religious minorities by the Palestinian Authority, and has testified before the United States Commission on Civil Rights on anti-Semitism on college campuses.



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