About Us

The rucksack revolution has begun! RiutBag users are choosing safe and secure travel with backwards backpack, RiutBag. Until March 2014 Sarah Giblin was a humble rucksack user who thought the conventional rucksack is the wrong way round. She’s taken her design from sketches to reality, with the help of over 2500 amazing Kickstarter backers. You can be part of the RiutBag's story today. If you think the RiutBag is a good idea, share it online, tell your friends and colleagues. Riut stands for Revolution in user thinking. Riut revolves all aspects of design around the user. Fittingly, the RiutBag has literally revolved around the user. But there’s something else: Riut believes users are best placed to spot design problems and improve on them. Sarah wants each of her RiutBag users to have a revolution in their own thinking and believe that they can have a better idea and make it happen. The RiutBag is a daily reminder on your back that it’s possible. You can do it. We can all do it. Riut. Revolution in user thinking