River’sTone sets the gold standard for luxury design and sound with the AI-03-Au premium speaker system

Exquisitely designed and crafted from precious materials, the AI-03-Au premium speaker system by River’sTone is the ultimate luxury design and audio statement. Combining cutting edge craftsmanship with unrivalled audio heritage this compact lifestyle system has a sonic performance to match its lavish profile, with the audiophile acoustics arranged by renowned former Sony recording engineer and systems designer, Mr Michio Sakamoto.

Hand-made in Japan, each enclosure is hewn from grade A aluminium and flawlessly finished with thick gold plating - revealing no visible joints or screws. The speakers come with custom designed grilles* - no grille is the same with each one made to order.

Composed of a dedicated digital powered integrated stereo bi-amplifier and speakers, AI-03-Au features Bluetooth for the wireless streaming of music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop while it boasts RCA connections to connect a music source such as a CD player or turntable. At the centre of the amplifier is a striking volume control with surrounding illuminated LEDs that  switch from white to blue when the wireless Bluetooth function is activated.

Each speaker houses a 80mm woven carbon-fibre mid/low driver and 20mm silk dome tweeter, individually powered by its own amplifier. The result is a sound as rich, detailed and harmonious as its enclosure design, with powerful sonics that belie its bijou-size. There is also an option to add a connection for a subwoofer to enhance bass levels.

Michio Sakamoto, Audio Acoustic Designer at River’sTone says, “Our aim was to design a speaker system that combined the ultimate in luxury design with best-in-class sound quality. We believe we have achieved this with the AI-03-Au. The finest materials were not only meticulously selected for their scientific properties to deliver the most transparent audio performance possible but also to make the system the centrepiece of any room.’

*Speaker grilles are optional 

River’sTone premium speaker system is available in gold plated and solid gold models. 

Techical specifications:

I ntegrated stereo amplifier

  •   Drive method - Digital powered amp (Bi-amp drive method)
  •   Total rated output power - 130W
  •   Amp output for high - 25W x 2
  •   Amp output for low - 40W x 2
  •   Input terminal -RCA pin
  •   Output terminal for speaker - Option of NEUTRIK SPEAKON or WBT sockets
  •   Output terminal for subwoofer (as an option) - RCA pin
  •   Power - AC 100V~240V
  •   Dimensions (W x H x D) - 124 x 124 x 170mm

Speaker system

  •   System method - 2 way bass reflex
  •   Speaker units - 20mm balance-drive dome type unit x 1 pc (for tweeter) / 80mm carbon fiber cone type unit x 1 pc (for woofer)
  •   Reproduced frequency range - 50Hz~40kHz
  •   Crossover frequency - 8kHz
  •   Dimensions (W x H x D) - 124 x 124 x 170mm