Asparagus Tip: Buy now while stocks last

Press release

30 May


First it was petrol, then stamps. Now the nation is set for another wave of panic buying – this time for asparagus.

One of the wettest spring’s on record has led to a shortage of asparagus, a problem exacerbated by strong demand for the vegetable to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Asparagus featured on Her Majesty’s Coronation Banquet menu in 1953 and restaurants and amateur chefs alike are keen to use the veg in their jubilee celebrations.

Amba in Hale, Greater Manchester, is one such restaurant to feature a retro coronation banquet and struggled to get hold of the veg for its cream of asparagus soup.

Proprietor, Ryland Wakeham, said: “Asparagus is scarce. A warm spring, followed by a spell of heavy rain has resulted in a shortage and pushed prices sky high.

“This, coupled with the British Asparagus Festival in May, meant demand was already at an all-time high before the Jubilee celebrations came round.

“The Queen enjoyed asparagus with hollandaise sauce for her Coronation Banquet in 1953 and people wanting to replicate the banquet means the vegetable is in even greater demand.

“If prices keep rising it may be cheaper to put truffles on the menu!”

Amba has created a four-course retro coronation banquet featuring asparagus, smoked salmon, National Park rump beef and iced strawberry soufflé ‘Princess Anne’.

Ryland added: “If bookings are to go by it seems the country is all set to celebrate in style. But if you’re planning cooking at home I’d start queuing for the asparagus now.

“Asparagus favours a warm climate so hopefully we’ll be in for a better summer.”


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