Barclays appoints Banner for ‘open book’ stationery brief


8th MARCH 2012

BARCLAYS has renewed its contract with Banner Business Services for a further three years to supply stationery and other office supplies to branches and offices in the UK.

Barclays operates its office supplies purchasing through Banner’s managed procurement model. This unique ‘open book’ approach developed by Banner means that profits made on each individual item ordered are agreed in advance between both parties.

The contract was awarded to Banner following a competitive tender process.

Peter Evans, Head of Print and Distribution at Barclays said: 

“We’ve worked with Banner since 2000 and year on year they have consistently delivered on their commitments, meeting their contracted service level agreements (SLAs) in all areas including response and query resolution, delivery and order accuracy. We’re pleased to be working with Banner until at least 2015.”

Richard Costin, Managing Director, Banner Business Services, said:

“We’re delighted that Barclays has extended its existing contract with us. We’re particularly pleased that we’ve been able to achieve such significant savings consistently since our trading relationship started. Our managed procurement model, based on our ‘open book’ philosophy, is proving popular with finance directors and purchasing teams across the UK.”

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Notes to editors

About Banner

  • Banner is one of the leading suppliers of office products and services in the UK and Ireland.
  • Banner’s parent company is office2office listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Group turnover in 2010 was £207.6m compared to £187.5m in 2009.
  • The company employs more than 1000 people across the UK with offices in Norwich and depots in Hampshire, Manchester and Northern Ireland.
  • Banner routinely makes more than 7,500 deliveries every day to customers.
  • 70 per cent of orders are processed electronically.
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About ‘Closed Loop’ paper

  • Banner Business Services Closed Loop service is used by clients including HMRC, Virgin Media and McDonalds.
  • The service collects any form of waste paper from offices and other service suppliers whether it is confidential, pre-shred or simply general waste paper.
  • The paper is then turned into Banner 100% recycled Closed Loop copier paper. If shredding is required, Banner offers an on and off-site shredding service.
  • Once the waste paper is removed, it is then taken to the paper mill where it is segregated and turned into pulp. The pulp is then cleaned, without chemicals or bleach, pressed, dried and manufactured into Banner 100% recycled Closed Loop copier paper.
  • Any waste created from the de-inking process is consumed for energy and burnt to produce a fuel source for the mill thus illustrating that the whole process is as environmentally proactive as possible.
  • The paper is then delivered back to the client ready to be used and recycled again and again.
  • The whole process is fully audited.

About ‘open book’

  • ‘Open book’ is a novel approach to business where the seller is transparent with the buyer about the true cost and profit margin for an item.
  • For example, the cost to supply a stapler to a business is 90p. The seller sells the product to the buyer for 98p (declaring that 8p is a fair and reasonable profit and breaking down the other cost components such as raw material, picking, handling, packaging and delivery).
  • The key is transparency and each item is individually costed at the start of a contract and a fair and reasonable profit margin acknowledged by both parties.
  • Leading organisations including Aviva, McDonalds and HMRC use Banner to supply a managed procurement service to reduce spend on business supplies.

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