Local physio launches world’s first free text helpline for weekend injuries

WEEKEND sports injuries have prompted Greater Manchester physio chain David Roberts Physiotherapy to launch the world’s first free text helpline.

Most sporting injuries occur during weekends and people currently have to wait until Monday morning to get professional advice. This wait can make recovery slower and the injury more painful.

Sam Byrne of David Roberts Physiotherapy, said:

“Most injuries are from Sunday league type activities but we also hear from people who’ve overdone the gardening or hurt themselves doing DIY.

“We always get a flurry of calls on Monday mornings for appointments to treat injuries picked up over the weekend and in many cases people haven’t self-treated the injury correctly.

“What you do in the hours immediately after picking up an injury is really important and has a big impact on the speed of recovery. 

“Our free text helpline gives people access to a qualified physiotherapist who will be able to recommend the important steps to take before getting an appointment.  Hopefully, our advice will prevent the need for treatment in some circumstances, and get people on the road to recovery quicker.”

David Roberts Physiotherapy clinics are located across the North West in Bolton, Manchester, Middleton, Oldham, Old Trafford and Sale.

Anyone who wants access to the free text helpline service should call 0161 683 0652.


For further information, please contact:

Ruth Shearn


0161 927 3131