RMS unveils new name and designs for restaurant

THE doors are about to open on the latest venture from one of Manchester’s most famous ambassadors, Gerry Yeung OBE.

Yeung will unveil his new restaurant Wokooshii on Wednesday 21 March.

Described as a fusion of Japanese and Korean food, Wokooshii is situated next door to Yeung’s highly successful Yang Sing Cathay at The Trafford Centre.

The name and branding for the restaurant were conceived and developed by Altrincham creative agency RMS. 

MD Ruth Shearn said:

“This has been a fantastic project - creating a brand new name and identity for a restaurant that will become a national household name has been very exciting and has really played to our strengths.

“We created dozens of names from scratch, and Wokooshii was by far the most popular according to the market research we carried out.

 “Wokooshii has an oriental feel to it and is also different enough to be memorable and catchy.

“To maintain authenticity, our head of design, Dave Merrell, used a Japanese brush pen to create the corporate logo.

“He then created a strong visual theme for the exterior and interior of the restaurant.

“For this he hand drew a series of six panels that work in isolation or together to create a visual narrative.  Gerry so loved these bespoke illustrations that he decided to have them recreated on huge drapes inside the restaurant, too.  They really are beautiful.”

Commenting on this latest venture, Yeung said:

“This is the Year of the Dragon which hopefully bodes well for Wokooshii.  In time to come we hope to roll out this brand nationally.

“The menu will feature a range of dishes that capture the very best of Japanese and Korean cooking.  New dishes will sit alongside classic favourites like Shabu Shabu, Tempura and Bibimbap.

“This is a very exciting time for me and the team.  The name and creative work produced by RMS is breath taking.  They’ve managed to balance modern vibrancy with a classic feel.  Everyone who has seen it has been impressed.  Let us all hope the Year of the Dragon lives up to expectations!”

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