Information from Annual General Meeting of RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS AB on January 24, 2007

The Annual General Meeting decided in accordance with the Board’s motion to pay a dividend of SEK 0.41 per share. This decision entails payment of dividends totaling SEK 23,402,321.

Election of Board members
The Annual General Meeting voted to re-elect Board members Mikael Solberg, Claes Hansson, Hans Risberg, Eva Kempe Forsberg, Jan Carlzon and Pelle Törnberg and to newly elect Torsten Jansson to the Board. At the same time, Claes Hansson was appointed Chairman of the Board.

For further information, please contact:
Mikael Solberg, President and CEO, RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS
+46 (0)8-670 95 95, +46 (0)708-18 44 40, e-mail:

+46 (0)8-670 95 99, +46 (0)733-97 95 99, e-mail

About Us

RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS owns, operates and develops fashion, clothing, accessories, jewelry and cosmetics stores that focus on providing excellent service and a world-class shopping experience. Sales are mainly conducted in Scandinavia through the three store concepts Brothers & Sisters, JC and Polarn O. Pyret, as well as through shops in the department stores NK in Stockholm and Gothenburg. RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS has operation in 11 countries. RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS has been listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange since 2001.


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