MUNICH, GERMANY – Munich’s famous Schellingstrasse welcomes its first Gourmet Gelateria. gecobli, whose flavors are inspired by fresh ingredients from across the world, will be serving their natural, home-made gelati and sorbetti creations to customers on the go, as well as those wishing to sit a while longer with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Entrepreneur, Nico Gerstmeyr and gelatiere, Simon Stuber, have teamed up to integrate the fine flavors that you experience at award-winning restaurants, bringing them to the general public on an ice cream cone. The duo wants to create a transparent experience for customers, in which they understand exactly which ingredients are inside each scoop and what makes them so special. Interior design features such as the glass door, where ice cream lovers can watch their cuisine being manufactured in the gelateria, symbolize this transparency. gecobli stands for “gelato, cosmopolitan, blissful – the three founding pillars that inspire everything we create here at the gelateria”, says Gerstmeyr.  

Get ready for 18 awe-inspiring flavors of gelati and – 100% vegan - sorbetti, which include eight classic flavors: white vanilla, grand cru cacao, piedmont hazelnut, Serbian raspberry, Senga-Sengana strawberry, dark chocolate sorbet, Iranian pistachio, and mango-passionfruit. Other unique combinations of ingredients present themselves in flavors such as: earl grey with lemon and pink pepper, gin-tonic with cucumber, and many more. In case you happen to crave something other than ice cream, gecobli also serves fair trade organic coffee from SupremoGermany’s best coffee roastery, located just outside of Munich. 

If you are planning a trip to Munich, be sure to not only taste the flavors of gecobli but to also ask the team about about the heritage of the ingredients – each flavor concoction has its own story. And while you are there, you may also want to admire the gelateria’s interior, which won the Best Architects 17 Award this month.

Located at Schellingstrasse 15, in the heart of Maxvorstadt, gecobli will be topping cones with its gourmet gelato seven days a week from 11:30 am to 10 pm. To experience gecobli’s fine flavors outside of opening hours, please visit: or check out Facebook and Instagram.


About Nico Gerstmeyr and Simon Stuber

Nico Gerstmeyr is a passionate globetrotter and connoisseur. His meticulous attention to detail in taste and persistence are the heart of gecobli’s philosophy: “If it isn’t perfect, try again until it is”.  Born in Munich, he studied business management in the US and UK alongside obtaining certifications in acting and helicopter piloting. His primary passion, however, is Italian food – especially gelato. 

Simon Stuber obtained his gelatiere skillset at Germany’s number one ice cream school in Werl, Germany. Furthermore, he is a certified “Master-Patissier”.



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gecobli stands for gelato, cosmopolitan, blissful – the three founding pillars that inspire everything we create here at the gelateria.
Nico Gerstmeyr