Sustainable Tour Operator Off Season Adventures Commissions Rupp Public Relations for Global PR

MUNICH – Off Season Adventures hires independent PR consultancy Rupp Public Relations GmbH to handle their global communications.

As the name suggests, the US-based tour operator encourages travelers to visit Tanzania during the off season. The company aims to level out the seasonality of the tourism sector whilst continually pursing sustainability practices such as carbon offsetting their travelers’ flights.

The communications strategy designed by Rupp Public Relations will kick-off by focusing on customers in the US and Canada. Needless to say, all communication efforts will be inspired by the concept of sustainable tourism since the Munich-based PR consultancy specializes in inspiring travelers to experience destinations that operate sustainably.

Founder and Managing Director, Natascha Rupp says, “Tanzania is one of our favorite travel destinations, so working with a tour operator that focuses solely on making sustainable tourism the norm in this region is incredibly exciting.”

To learn more and book your next off-season trip to Tanzania visit:

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Rupp Public Relations GmbH was founded in 2016 and has since specialized in communicating on behalf of sustainable travel and tourism brands. The firm defines sustainable tourism as “the act of traveling in a way that future generations get to experience the cultures and landscapes we experience today, whilst helping local economies grow, and improving the lives of communities living where we travel to.” Rupp Public Relations GmbH consults with energy experts and environmentalists to ensure its clients operate in the most sustainable fashion.