Alfa Laval chooses SEB as its eurobank

Alfa Laval chooses SEB as its eurobank The Alfa Laval Group and SEB have signed a European cash management agreement under which SEB will provide Alfa Laval with a comprehensive European cash management package. Euro cash pool, which is a central ingredient in SEB's euro-package, makes it possible for Alfa Laval to concentrate all cash flow throughout Europe to a single account. This provides Alfa Laval with the opportunity to improve net interest income and bring about a positive effect on the balance sheet. The increasing pace of business makes it ever important to have constant control over the entire cash flow of the group. By means of SEB Forecast, a web-based Intranet tool that facilitates liquidity planning, Alfa Laval will gain a vital instrument as part of its European cash management package. "The fact that SEB has secured yet another multinational group shows that we have a competitive product within this area when one compares with global banks who are our competitors in the field of European cash management," says Mats Göransson, Head of Commercial Banking at SEB. "This co-operation makes it possible for Alfa Laval to utilise new possibilities within European cash management at an early stage. SEB expects many large Nordic corporate clients to choose a European cash management strategy similar to that which Alfa Laval and others have bought from SEB," continues Mats Göransson. For further information, kindly contact: Mikael Björknert, Global Head of Commercial Banking Marketing, SEB Telephone: +46 70-763 86 21 Thomas Thuresson, Executive Vice President, Alfa Laval Finance & Administration, Telephone: +46 46-36 48 14 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: