New Executive Committee and Group Management at SEB

New Executive Committee and Group Management at SEB At SEB, a new, smaller Executive Committee has been appointed. It is made up of the following executives: Lars H Thunell, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Monica Caneman, Deputy CEO and Head of Nordic Banking Ann-Charlotte Dahlström, Global head of Human Resources Lars Gustafsson, Chief Information Officer Lars Lundquist, Deputy President of BfG Bank Anders Mossberg, Head of Asset Management & Liv (life) Anders Rydin, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Apart from those mentioned above, SEB's Group Management is made up of the following executives: Annika Bolin, Head of Merchant Banking Mariana Burenstam Linder, Head of SEB Enskilda Banken Fleming Carlborg, Head of Retail Distribution Magnus Carlsson, Deputy Head of Merchant Banking Per-Erik Coos, Special Projects Bernd Kiene, responsible for Private Clients at BfG Mats Kjaer, Head of SEB Baltic Holding Håkan Larsson, Head of Strategic Planning Johan H Larson, Head of SEB Internet Mats E Larsson, Deputy Head of Retail Distribution Ernst Maul, responsible for Institutional Clients at BfG Per-Anders Ovin, Head of Enskilda Securities Zaid Pedersen, Head of Group Treasury Einar Thodal Ness, Head of SEB Securities Services Gunilla Wikman, Head of Group Communications Ulf Thornander, Head of Legal Department and secretary to the board of SEB and the Executive Committee. New appointments within SEB's Group Management Annika Bolin, born 1962, appointed, last week, to the position of Head of the Merchant Banking business area. See separate press release. Magnus Carlsson, born 1956, Deputy Head of Merchant Banking, responsible for Corporate Banking. Ann-Charlotte Dahlström, born 1952, newly-appointed Global Head of Human Resources. Currently with Ericsson - takes up the appointment with SEB in May. See separate press release. Bernt Kiene, born 1951, responsible for Private Clients at BfG, Ernst Maul, born 1943, responsible for Institutional Clients at BfG, These posts at Group Management will rotate amongst the various members of BfG's Vorstand (Management Committee). Mats E Larsson, born 1951, Deputy Head of Retail Distribution, responsible for Business Development. Håkan Larsson, born 1949, Head of Strategic Planning. Einar Thodal Ness, born 1955, Head of SEB Securities Services. Gunilla Wikman, born 1959, Head of Group Communications. "SEB is a different company from what it was half a year ago. The number of employees has doubled to 21,000. Since the acquisition of BfG and the three Baltic banks, half the staff is outside the borders of Sweden. We find ourselves in an intense process of change, where Internet is at its centre. The organisation has been structured into four main groups: Nordic Banking, Asset Management & Live (life), BfG and Other Operations," says Lars H Thunell, President & CEO of SEB. "It therefore feels right that we follow this by creating a smaller, more efficient-running Executive Committee - and at the same time we have created broader representation within Group Management. For further information, please contact: Gunilla Wikman, Head of Group Communications Telephone: +46 8 763 8125 Lotta Treshow, Head of Investor Relations, Telephone: +46 8 763 9559 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: