Samco’s Structural Member Rollforming Line

This is a heavy duty, high efficiency rollforming line, taking heavy gauge, high strength materials and rollforming it pre-cut and pre-punched into U-channel form. Like all Samco rollformers, it is engineered for high volume and high quality.

Key features include running material with yields of 460 MPa - 660 MPa, allowing for adjustable web and flange heights over a range of gauges, and allowing for quick gauge changeovers at the touch of a button.

A short video of this machine is available on YouTube at:

If you would like to learn more about the Structural Member Rollforming Line or other Samco machines and components, please contact Samco machinery's Marketing Department:

Steve Kagan (Marketing Coordinator)marketing@samco-machinery.com416-285-0619 x 229

About Us

Samco Machinery has provided customers leading edge designs and cost-effective solutions to satisfy any metal rollforming project need since 1972. Samco manufactures roll forming machines, uncoilers, decoilers, roll form dies and presses for the roll forming industry. We also provide coil processing machines, including blanking lines, cut to length lines, slitting lines, and components.

Quick facts

heavy gauge materials
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quick profile changeovers
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adjustable web and flange heights
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