Final Results

SAMPO BANK PLC 11 February 2004, at 9.50 a.m. (Finnish time) SAMPO BANK GROUP´S ANNOUNCEMENT OF RESULTS FOR 2003 Sampo Bank Group's operating profit for 2003 was EUR 153 million (EUR 178 million in 2002). The net income from financial operations was EUR 342 million (376), the decline was caused by the low interest rates. Efficiency improvements lowered costs significantly, but the reduction in net income from financial operations weakened the cost to income ratio to 72.5 per cent. (70.7). At the end of 2003, the assets of Sampo Bank Group totalled EUR 17.0 billion (17.4). Loans to customers increased by EUR 2.4 billion to EUR 12.5 billion. KEY FIGURES EUR million 2003 2002 Operating profit 153 178 Total income 532 577 Total cost -386 -408 Cost to income ratio, % 73 71 Provisions for bad and doubtful debts 4 6 Loan portfolio at year end 12,518 10,090 Change during the year 2,428 541 Deposits at year end 9,072 8,972 Change during the year 100 58 Total assets at year end 16,987 17,408 Change during the year -421 245 Capital and reserves at year end 940 944 Change during the year -4 38 Capital adequacy ratio, % 9.8 11.2 Staff numbers at year end 3,432 3,969 The financial information for 2003 in this announcement is unaudited. The financial accounts of Sampo Bank Group may be viewed on Sampo's web siten in week 12. THIS IS AN EXTRACT OF THE ANNOUCEMENT OF RESULTS. THE FULL REPORT IS AVAILABLE ON SAMPO'S WEBSITE AT ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: