Blueprint Genetics CEO - AI-enabled genetics testing for mass market entry is close

350 million people currently suffer from severe inherited diseases globally


Blueprint Genetics CEO Tommi Lehtonen believes advances in AI-enabled clinical genetic testing will begin to feed into the private consumers and personalized medicine sectors.

AI-enabled testing was originally developed to give clinical patients access to affordable, reliable diagnosis of inherited diseases. The technology now has the potential to give people the ability to identify potential future genetic issues and avoid future health complications.

“Give more context to the story here - explain the significance of the announcement, who it will effect, and why this is important,” said Blueprint Genetics CEO Tommi Lehtonen during his keynote speech at the Slush conference on Thursday. “Quote continues here,” he continued.

An estimated 350 million people globally are affected by severe inherited diseases. Genetic screening is estimated to grow by more than 30 percent annually over the next few years, however procedural complexities are still bottlenecks for commercial applications. AI-based technologies developed by companies like Blueprint Genetics aim to automate much of the work which will in turn open up access to new markets.

“Second quote here - bottlenecks, how Blueprint is helping to open them” continued Lehtonen. during his keynote speech at the Slush conference on Thursday. “Quote continues here,” he concluded.

Blueprint Genetics’ AI-powered proprietary genetic testing technology can identify more than 2,200 disorders in 14 medical specialties such as cardiology, ophthalmology, hematology, neurology and immunology. This enables Blueprint to test for rare diseases in humans with higher accuracy, lower cost and faster lead times,

The company works with more than 450 hospital customers in over 40 countries, and has raised 25M € of funding from venture capitalists, private equity funds, and private investors, including Creathor Venture.

“We are very impressed with the potential of Blueprint Genetics, a company that already is a top European provider in one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare. Blueprint’s combination of state-of-the-art DNA sequence analysis with automated software-based data interpretation perfectly fits with our investment strategy,” said Dr. Christian Weiss, Partner at Creathor.


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